Which laptop gives the best quality online video experience and why?

Answer I would say it is definitely hard to choose one as there are many good ones out there. Now, we have the option to customize laptops and to choose the configuration we want. The best ones would be t... Read More »

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Which digital video camera has the best rating for sound quality?

Wize has the canon vixia s100 listed at close to 100 for best quality sound. If you check question answer sites, they will give you low to high range, per their opinions on the cameras. I can tell ... Read More »

Which video format would give me the best quality picture in my android?

Mp4 is the format with highest quality. If you convert a 3gp file to Mp4 it will not improve the video quality as it only increases resolution and aspect ratio.

Which 3D TV gives better image quality -- LG or Samsung?

This is an argument that continues to battle on and on. Basically, Samsung is active shutter technology and each eye receives a 1080p image at a time. Meanwhile, LG developed a passive technology 3... Read More »

Which has the best video quality for skiing Gopro Hero 3 black,Contour+2 or Sony action Cam?

There is no single best... It depends on your requirements.which one has the most realist color: You set the white balance in the camera - you can adjust when editing (assuming you use a decent vi... Read More »