What country has Arabic and Hebrew as its official languages?

Answer Hebrew and Arabic are both official languages in Israel. Hebrew is used by the majority Jewish population and Arabic is used by the minority Arab population. Arabic and Hebrew are linguistically re... Read More »

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Are Arabic& Farsi the same language?

Arabic and Farsi belong to different language families. Arabic is a Semitic language, and Farsi is an Indo-European language. Farsi is spoken in Iran and parts of Afghanistan. Arabic is widely spok... Read More »

Which Arabic writer was known as a dean of Arabic literature?

Taha Hussein (1889- 1973) nicknamed "the dean of Arabic literature"

If your the eldest brother out of a middle brother and a younger sister why do the middle and youngest sibling dislike the eldest if he doesn't even bother them at all?

Maybe its because they feel you that you have more rigths

Difference Between Arabic & Indian Henna?

Henna is a plant from which a dye is made and used as a cosmetic art form. The decorating of skin with henna has been around for thousands of years. The application of henna as skin decoration orig... Read More »