Which language came first, Latin or Greek?

Answer The Greek language predates Latin. While both have been spoken for thousands of years, the Greek language can be traced to texts in the 13th century B.C. Latin's origins date to approximately 750 B... Read More »

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When did the Latin language stop being common language?

As the Roman Empire grew, Latin evolved into several regional dialects, which eventually became the Romance languages (Spanish, French and Italian) after the empire fell. What became known as Vulga... Read More »

How to Find Out the Greek & Latin Root of a Word?

Many English words derive from Latin and Greek, such as "audi," which means "hear" in Latin. Many English prefixes and roots are Latin or Greek and influence the meaning of several words. For examp... Read More »

Games for Greek & Latin Root Words?

Learning Greek and Latin roots is an effective way to build a larger vocabulary. However, remembering these roots and their meanings can be difficult. Games that encourage friendly competition whil... Read More »

What is Latin the language of?

Latin is an ancient language that has no native speakers anymore; however, the Vatican officially adopted Latin. As Latin was spoken during the Roman Empire, it influenced many of today's languages... Read More »