Which kind of pizza do you prefer?

Answer Thin crust. I like crispy ^_^

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What kind of Pizza is "La Ochetta" or "Pizza con Ochetti"?

i am not sure on this one. but it seems if you are reading mafia books this makes more sense. those words mean ear in italian so i guess those gangstas you are reading about are into cannibalism!!!

What kind of spark plug for John Deere XL279 lawn tractor i prefer NGK kind . what number Thanks?

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Which pizza do you prefer?

DOMINOS! They actually season the pizza crust

Do you prefer PIZZA or SPAGHETTI?

Wow! Those are two totally different things, but both are Italian! I'd have to say pizza because there are so many varieties and choices of toppings!Great question!I gave you a star! :) ♥xoxoAnne