Which kind of camcorder is better, a tapeless, or a mini DV?

Answer Mini DV

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Which type of Camcorder is better - Mini DV, HDD or DVD?

A DVD camcorder produces a far better quality video than mini DV and HDD. Sure it costs a little bit more to use DVDs than mini DV cassetes, but it will be worth it.

Which mobile phone is better Sony Ericsson XPERIA mini or mini pro?

experia mini pro is far better, has a brilliant slide out keyboard. very nice phone.

Panasonic full hd camcorder vs sony full hd camcorder, which ones better?

Hi Shaunzy,Both make excellent camcorders and so do the other "A" brands,like Canon,Samsung,JVC, etc.Toshiba and Sanyo are typical cheaper "B" brands but make fineproducts as well.As Sony and Panas... Read More »

Which polaroid picture quality is better the instax mini 8 or instax mini 25?

Hi Chelsey,You should get the Instax 25 because it has variable shutter speeds(1/3 - 1/400). This means you get better pictures in dark circumstances and with a moving subject.The Instax 8 has only... Read More »