How do i use a tampon if the instruction is not on the box and which one is the best kind to use?

Answer I personally like plain tampax as does my roommate, the ones with the cardboard applicator. More environmentally friendly, cheaper, flushable... And the platic ones are kind of pinchy. An no applic... Read More »

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Which kind of Flip camera is the best?

Ok, first it depends on your usage. I have a Flip Camera from the Ultra Series. I tape sermons for my church, which will usually be about 45 minutes. The Flip can record up to 1:15:00 of time. ... Read More »

Which analgesics are best for each different kind of pain ?

Generally, naproxen (Aleve) and ibuprofen both help with inflammation, pain relief, and a fever, but should be taken with food since they can cause an upset stomach otherwise. Acetominophen (Tylen... Read More »

Which is ipod, a zune, or just another kind of mp3 player?

Try an ipod nano. I have the 2nd generation and its never stopped working. My husband has the 3rd generation which we hook up in the car and its brilliant xxxx

What kind of eggs do teddy bear hamsters eat?

The best type of eggs for teddy bear, or long-haired Syrian, hamsters are boiled and cooled eggs. This should only be given as an occasional treat since it is high in calories. Any uneaten egg shou... Read More »