Which kind of a scanner I should buy to convert an image to text file ?

Answer By a good scanner, this is not the issue here. Scanner scans documents into images( .jpg .bmp etc) . So you will need a OCR software ( optical character reader ) like ScanSoft OCR or Adobe Pagemak... Read More »

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How to convert an Image file like JPEG to Text format(word DOC)?

you can import it into a program that uses OCR (optical character recognition) it will scan the image for characters it can recognize and convert them to text, these programs work best on images co... Read More »

How to convert a 'tagged image file format' file into a 'JPG' file?

Most of the answers are off here. Go to this site and get GIMP. Its free. Install it and open your TIF file and re-save it as a jpeg. Simple and easy.

How to contvert scanned image ( which is text ) to a text format .?

Use any OCR software like FineReader or TextBridge.Generally all scanners comes along with this type of software.Just use them.

How to Convert an Image to a Text?

Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to place an image in a place that doesn't allow images, such as message board signatures, email signatures and social networking profiles. Many get around t... Read More »