Which keyboard should i buy?

Answer Hello, im using Microsoft keyboard from the last 3 years and is working very well. You can never find such ease of typing other than Microsoft keyboards.

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Which hand do you use to hit "y" and "b" on the keyboard?

According to standard typing rules, you should be hitting the "Y" key with your right index finger and the "B" key with your left index finger.

Which is the Mac Option key on a PC keyboard?

If you are using a PC keyboard, you may use the "Alt" key instead of the "Option" key. Some Mac keyboard shortcuts require the use of the "Command" or Apple icon key. With a PC keyboard, use the Wi... Read More »

Which is the shift key on the keyboard ?

Strangely enough the one with SHIFT written on it

Which model is this keyboard ?

Look on the underside of the keyboard, there should be a little silver like plaque that has the make, model and serial number of the device.