Which job is harder: an investigator or a uniformed patrol officer?

Answer On One Hand: Investigators Solve CrimesThe role of an investigator is to piece clues together and produce suspects. In other words, they are attempting to solve crimes. It is an emotionally, physic... Read More »

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At which month does your belly start to get harder and does it start getting bigger and harder under your belly button?

Answer Hi,During your pregnancy your tummy usually becomes harder during the 3rd month of pregnancy but it can be earlier in some women if its their second pregnancy. If this is your second pregna... Read More »

Cia or FBI which is harder?

CIA is most likely harder because it works everywhere exept U.S. so they fly out of the country more. Also I live near CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia and houses are very expensive. (The av... Read More »

Which is harder: gre or gmat?

On One Hand: One Stresses MathGraduate business schools typically require the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) as part of the admission process. The GMAT has a great emphasis on math and r... Read More »

Which is harder marines or navy seals?

Navy Seals no question. Marine bootcamp is tough for some but is nothing compared to bud/s. Bud/s has a 70-80% failure rate. I think that statistic speaks for itself.