Which is your favourite Chinese food?

Answer Authentic Cantonese Seafood - steamed fish (garoupa)deep fried salt and garlic prawnsbraised abalone (with oyster sauce)sauteed crabs with ginger & green onionbraised lobster with chicken stock & E... Read More »

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If you like Chinese food, what is your favourite dish?

Egg fried rice with crispy beef ( when I wasn't a veggie)

Whats your favourite all time food Italian , Mexican, Chinese Etc etc?

Irish mashed potatos(your making me hungry:P)Italian, australian(outback stkhouse), and chinese.:)(Im Irish too:))

Do you like/love Chinese food What's ur favourite Chinese dish ?

I am not a big fan of chinese food. I like noodles and Manchurian only.

When did you last have a Chinese takeaway and which is your favourite meal?

Funny story about that...We went there with a couple of friends and wanted the couples meal but hadnt ordered yet and they brought out our meal...???We were like well mabe they(other friedns at oth... Read More »