Which is worth more: rubies or diamonds?

Answer The value of rubies and diamonds vary greatly depending on several factors: cut, carat weight, clarity and color. A high-quality 1-carat ruby can cost as much as or more than a 1-carat diamond.Refe... Read More »

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Are rubies more valuable than diamonds?

Value, in the jewelry industry, is equated to rarity. According to the Minerals website, only a completely transparent ruby is more rare than a diamond. Rubies that display any impurities are consi... Read More »

Why do diamonds sparkle more than rubies?

Diamonds and rubies are two popular gemstones often found in rings, earrings and necklaces. They have different natural properties that cause them to reflect light in different ways.DiamondsDiamond... Read More »

Why Do Diamonds Sparkle More Than Rubies or Glass?

Several factors make up the sparkle of gemstones and other minerals. The combination of refraction and dispersion, combined with the item's form, work together to create sparkle. The amounts of ref... Read More »

Are sand rubies worth money?

On One Hand: Sand Rubies Are GarnetsSand rubies are tiny red garnets that are found mixed in with dirt, gravel or sand that has a high concentration of schist or other metamorphic rock fragments. G... Read More »