Which is worse the swine flu or the bird flu?

Answer On One Hand: Swine Flu: Can Be DeadlyThe swine flu, so called because it is an influenza virus that originates from pigs, is known as having various subtypes, the most commonly known being the H1N1... Read More »

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Can you think of any sicknesses that is worse than the swine flu?

I'll make this easy. swine flu has an at best kill rate of 45%. to put in perspective.yellow fever 20%?Marburg virus (ebola strain) 25%ebola sudan 50%ebola zaire strain. 90%AIDs 100%

Swine flu.. bird flu.. what next?

Difference Between Swine & Bird Flu?

The CDC website calls the 1918 bird flu pandemic--which infected roughly one-third of the world population and killed between 50 million and 100 million people--the "mother of all pandemics," and s... Read More »

Bird Flu was supposed to be our Armageddon, now Swine flu is...?

Thanks, Christopher K.Let's take the most recent hysteria: SARS in 2002-2003. About 9,000 people died of SARS. About 1,200,000 people died in traffic accidents during that same period. That means 1... Read More »