Which is worse hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia?

Answer On One Hand: Hyperglycemia DangersHyperglycemia is when your blood sugar is high. This is considered a serious health concern. This can lead to damage to your nerves, blood vessels and other organs... Read More »

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Which is worse......?

Which is worse..?

But, if you listen to most of those says " possible side effects " may include....Still I would take the risk, depending on what was wrong..if it was serious enough. I 'm not one to... Read More »

Which is worse?

LOLOLOLi had the worst of both worldsomgnever assume a$$ for oneokay would you consider this a good timewe started at 1:47am and we ended at 1:47amand he had the nerve to say "ya know babe, it gets... Read More »

Which is worse, the sun or a tanning bed?

On One Hand: Are Both Equally Harmful?The Skin Cancer Foundation says neither tanning from the sun nor from a tanning bed is safe for the skin and advises limiting sun exposure. Both are equally h... Read More »