Which is worse.. a fracture or a break?

Answer "Break" is not not medical terminology. The least serious type of fracture is a non-displaced fracture, which means that the broken ends of the bones have not moved. A simple or closed fracture is ... Read More »

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I need to safely break my arm but not fracture it?

Purposely trying to break (same things as a fracture) one's arm may cause an other more serious injury such as to the spinal cord (has a lot of nerves for sensation, and if severed, one may become ... Read More »

Did I fracture or break anything in my face Or is it just sore?

If the pain continues to get worse I would get it checked out by your primary care provider! But todays pain could just be from a bruise! I would ice it now with breaks so you don't get frost bite!... Read More »

I have a stress fracture can it turn to a break?

They show up on X-ray totally different than an actual break, my only advice is to go get an appointment with a good orthopedic doctor, let him/her explain the issue and how to best take care of it... Read More »

Did i break or fracture my pinky knuckle?

Sounds like you have a fracture in your knuckle.