Which is worse?

Answer LOLOLOLi had the worst of both worldsomgnever assume a$$ for oneokay would you consider this a good timewe started at 1:47am and we ended at 1:47amand he had the nerve to say "ya know babe, it gets... Read More »

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Which is worse..?

But, if you listen to most of those says " possible side effects " may include....Still I would take the risk, depending on what was wrong..if it was serious enough. I 'm not one to... Read More »

Which is worse......?

Which is worse, the sun or a tanning bed?

On One Hand: Are Both Equally Harmful?The Skin Cancer Foundation says neither tanning from the sun nor from a tanning bed is safe for the skin and advises limiting sun exposure. Both are equally h... Read More »

Which is worse: Tea or Soda?

IMHO, you're better off with tea. Provided you brew it at home and use real cane sugar to sweeten it, rather than buying the canned stuff loaded with High Fructose Corn Crack. The phosphoric acid t... Read More »