Which is website from where we can learn web hacking?

Answer Wowsers

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I want to learn hacking and I don't know anything till now?

Great idea!I found some useful articles for hacking here:…

How to Protect Your Website from Hacking Attacks?

If you are a website owner or developer, you are probably aware of the threat of hackers. There are many ways to protect your database-driven ASP or PHP website from hacker attacks, ranging from we... Read More »

How would one go by hacking into a website to find out information?

Read about SQL injection, generic accounts, brute forcing, anonymous FTP.Look at tools like DirBuster, Burp and so on.

WiFi hacking Guys I need some help regarding WiFi modem and its hacking options?

It is not impossible but not easy to do. If you connect to the wifi network without ecryption. Meaning you do not have to input a password to connect to wifi then any thing you send out wirelessl... Read More »