Which is versatile lenses for regular photography?

Answer No

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The difference between police photography and regular photography?

Regular photography can deal with anything but police photography mostly deals with a scene of a crime. Also called forensic photography

I have a regular slr with lenses, I am planning to buy a digital slr. Can I use the lenses I already have?

It all depends on what camera and lens system you now own. That information would have really helped.If your camera is a Canon with the FD lens mount then your lenses cannot be used on a Canon DSLR... Read More »

I have a nikon d5100 with 18-55mm lenses but i want some manual lenses one which has aperature ring..?

The only lenses that will manually focus on your camera which have an aperture ring are going to be the Nikkor AF lenses, although there are a few AF-S lenses with an aperture ring and they have a ... Read More »

What is normal lenses in photography?

A normal lens for a camera is one that delivers the human perspective. If you stand before a window and view a vista, you can trace with wax pencil the outline of objects you see. This drawing is c... Read More »