Which is the worst internet provider, in your experience?

Answer TalkTalk.I am trying to connect a friend it has taken since Oct 2006 still no joy,I also tryed to connect my brother in law,it took 9 weeks,funnily enough so far I have got £300 compensation for t... Read More »

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Is telstra broadband the worst internet provider in australia?

really!, optus is a close 2nd place,,, they suck!!!!!!!!!!!but im soooo lucky i only have 21 months left of my 24 month contract, lol,,,, i think theyr all shitt xxxxxxxxxx

I just had the WORST waxing experience EVER!!!?

I am really sorry you had to go through this :( I recomend next time going to a salon and getting it done there or using sally hansen wax strips they come with the wax already on th strips and it c... Read More »

Moodkillers: What's your worst experience?

My boyfriend said "wow, you're kind of loose" in the middle of sex......Apparently he meant I was wetter than normal so he was slipping out but I started crying, haha. He sometimes has problems wit... Read More »

What was your worst dental experience?

The worst 4 me was when I had a cavity removed(w/a drill) I kept felling pressure and it was very uncomfortable!