Which is the tastiest jam, jelly or preserves...?

Answer I would recommend black current or apricot preserves as a marinade for fare from small rodents. I particularly love hamster dredged in seasoned flour and deep fried and served on a skewer with a ch... Read More »

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What jam or jelly is the tastiest to you for your toast?

Mine is blackberry jam. It brings back fond memories of blackberry picking on my grandparents farm as a child every August. They grew wild just about everywhere.

Jelly Doughnut Bagel with Jelly Or English Muffin with Jelly Which from this list do you like better?

They all sound so tempting, but I`ll go with the English Muffin. I always love your food questions, Night, Scooter!

Which is the tastiest water in the world?

When you're thirsty enough, anything you can reach.

Cannibalism, Which nation is the tastiest?

AFRICANS!!Already Well - done!!Some spicier than others...but always fresh and FAST....if u can catch one!!The ones who do the NY and Boston Marathons are too quick, they always get away!U just wai... Read More »