Which is the smallest timex indiglo watch?

Answer According to X Cel, Breitling, and Impex, the smallest Timex watch with an indiglo light is a stainless steel ladies dress model #T2J591. This little watch "has ... Read More »

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What size band fits a timex indiglo alarm watch?

The Timex Atlantis alarm watch has the trademarked INDIGLO feature. Watch bands that are roughly 1 inch wide will fit this watch. Consult the watch packaging or bring the watch with you to a store ... Read More »

How do I set Timex Expedition with Indiglo?

Indiglo Night-ModeHold the "Indiglo" button, the button in the middle of the right side of the watch, for a few seconds and release when the watch beeps. Now Indiglo Night-Mode is set, so whenever ... Read More »

How do I Set a Timberland Indiglo Watch?

The Timberland Company specializes in outdoor gear and accessories, including clothing, sunglasses, luggage, shoes and watches. Timberland watches are available for both men and women in sports and... Read More »

How to Adjust the Watch Band on a Timex Expedition Chronograph Watch?

Timex Expedition watches are rugged, durable and able to withstand punishment. If your Timex Expedition chronograph band requires sizing, a jeweler may perform the task for a small fee. With the pr... Read More »