Which is the safest time to have sex?

Answer The safest time to have sex is when you're married.

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When is the safest time to have sex is it before or after menstruation?

i think it is after menstruation..simply because after menstruation your vagina just get rid of the wastes in your body through the blood that we see everytime we have our menstruation..after it ge... Read More »

What is safest way to get rid of an old computer,which may have personal information on it?

The only place where there is information that you have stored on the computer is on the Hard Drive. Open your computer's case. You will see a ribbon cable that goes from the motherboard to the fl... Read More »

I'm a teenager, which birth control method would work best for me and which is the safest?

You must wear a suit of armor made of lead, that is your only means of protection. You must also keep the face shield down so that you don't look into his eyes. If you look in his eyes you will hav... Read More »

Which statin is the safest?

On One Hand: Studies Showed Fewest Problems with SimvastatinThe Mayo Clinic reports that there are many name brand and generic statin medications available. Three of the most commonly used statin m... Read More »