Which is the rarest eye shade?

Answer The rarest eye color is red. This is typically seen in albinos. Rare eye colors also include black (very dark brown) and violet (also seen in albinos). Other rare colors include amber and green eye... Read More »

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Which eye color is the rarest?

Hi, Out of those, green is the rarest. Then blue, then brown. However, amber is a form of brown and another "rare" eye color. Go to… for more information.... Read More »

What is the rarest eye color Which eye colors are mutated?

Blue eyes were originally caused by a genetic mutation (see the link below). Blue, green, gray and hazel eyes are all caused by the same gene. The amount of melanin in the eye determines eye colo... Read More »

How to Know Which Hair Dye Shade to Use?

Imagine this: you have spent hours choosing a color and dyeing your hair, only to find that your hair comes out an awful shade of green. It can happen if you don't take the necessary precautions. C... Read More »

Which shade of elf facial whip should i get?

I tried the elf facial whip in every color and, to me, they all looked kind of artificial because of the odd colors and the unnecessary shimmer. It hardly lightens the area, it just makes it sparkl... Read More »