Which is the origin of the claims made insurance?

Answer Answer Do not understand your question. 'claims MADE' PLEASE TRY AGAIN, AND I'D BE HAPPY TO TAKE A STAB AT IT.....

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How many insurance claims were made after Hurricane Katrina?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports 209,464 Hurricane Katrina-related claims as of July 31, 2007 and payments of over $15 billion. Insurance companies do not release the total nu... Read More »

Can claims be made for breach of contract in commercial general liability insurance?

Yes you should be. Not all general liability forms automatically add additional insureds so you need to check with your subcontractors policy. There is a web site that I have found where artisan co... Read More »

Which travel insurance company and tour airways are the best in settling claims and offering great service?

You need to visit a good travel insurance India comparison and travel flight site in this regard. This will help you a lot in knowing about the best trip flight and insurance companies. You just ne... Read More »

Will secondary insurance cover claims denied by your primary insurance?

Answer As long as it is a covered expense by your secondary insurance and a claim has been filed with the primarty insurance then the answer is yes. The secondary insurance will only cover the exp... Read More »