Which is the 'must-do' activity in Dubai?

Answer Desert safari is the must do activity. You can experience the amazing adventures and cultures everything at one place. One World Travels arranges desert safari tours at attractive prices.

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Which architect designed the sailboat hotel in Dubai?

The Burj Al Arab, a 321-meter tall hotel, which resembles a sailboat, was designed in 1999 by Tom Wills-Wright. The hotel was constructed on a private, man-made island near Dubai, United Arab Emir... Read More »

Flying from dubai to chennai with my Cat,which airlines will allow him?

Emirates allows you to bring a cat onto the plane as carry-on.…For other procedures, I would recommend reading the following. It explains everything you ne... Read More »

Which direction must a direct tv dish face?

The CW network(WNLO) channel on Direct TV is on Channel 23.

Which is the best budget digital SLR camera to buy (must be SLR!!?

Get a Nikon D50. It has a few "consumer friendly" automatic modes, but still offers total photographic control when you are ready to take charge. Get a "decent" lens, such as their Nikkor AF-S 1... Read More »