Which is the most economical printer for home use?

Answer go for LASER printer.print all photos outside at a photo lab.

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What is an economical printer for home use.?

get a canon printer i have a MP540 and u can refill the ink cartridges any canon ink cartridges can be refilledhere is a vid on how and this applies for all canon printers Read More »

I want to buy a printer for my home PC .which is the best'',economical printer?

Actually it depends on what kind of printer you want. There are 4 most popular choices:-Laser ( black and white )Laser ( coloured )Inkjet or Deskjet ( coloured )Inkjet or Deskjet ( black and white ... Read More »

Which Colour Printer is the most economical?

Printer Repair Tech Chiming In -Go with a color laser rather than and inkjet/bubblejet machine. Granted your outlay is going to be higher initially but you buy a machine thats made to last many ye... Read More »

What is a good colour printer with economical ink or toner For a high school student?

No! HP is horrible. The Ink costs about as much as the printer, and you have to replace it often. I think that the best most affordable printer is the Lexmark Photo Printer Z735. Trust me!The print... Read More »