Which is the most comfortable 3D TV?

Answer The most comfortable 3D television is a matter of personal preference. Every viewer has an opinion about which model they prefer. If you are considering the purchase of a 3D television, it is impor... Read More »

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Which 3D TV is most comfortable for kids to watch?

I recommend passive 3D TVs over active 3D TVs. I have 2 kids and we have a Samsung active 3D TV set. My kids complained about a 'flash' while watching 3D 'Tangled' (it turned out to be a flicker) a... Read More »

Which is the most comfortable walking casual shoe?

On One Hand: Brooks ShoesAccording to, the most comfortable walking shoe for women is the Brooks Addiction Walker 2. The shoe has a patented cushioning system that absorbs ... Read More »

Which brands provides the most comfortable 3d glasses in India?

Well buddy! Recently LG has launched Smart 3d tv in India & LG claims that we are using the FPR 3d tv technology which have the most comfortable 3d glasses throughout the world. Hence, LG provides ... Read More »

Which celebrity would you most feel comfortable leaving your kids with?

Ellen De would be fantastic - Portia - mmmm yes, Fifi Box in Australia!! Tom Hanks and his partner - Hugh Jackman, Definitely not The Cruises, or Madonna, or Brangelina - or Britney Spears, Travol... Read More »