Which is the most beautiful garden in the world?

Answer The most beautiful garden - no one has seen it or invented it. Answer Rumor has it that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were a cool place to, umm, hang out....

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How can i make my garden beautiful?

Besides the flowers and grasses, some outdoor furnishing and accessories are significant elements as well. such as a patio umbrella, some beautiful cutlery put on your furniture to enjoy high tea..... Read More »

How to Plant a Beautiful Garden?

Planting a garden requires plenty of love, water and nurturing. Decide on the types of plants you would like to use. These may include flowering plants, shrubs, trees or the more hardy ones that re... Read More »

Do you think that a beautiful garden can have a Positive effect on a person?

Whats better than looking at a little peice of land that looks absolutely fabolous because you made it that way? YeS! I think gardening is something great for you to do in your leisure time! They'r... Read More »

Most beautiful song in the world?

Let It Be - The Beatles :Dthat songs is just amazing