Which is the higher degree, a ph.d. or a doctorate?

Answer A Ph.D. and a doctorate are alternative terms for the same thing. Both refer to an advanced degree awarded by universities above the Master's level. Ph.D. is an abbreviation for Doctor of Philosoph... Read More »

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Which is higher, master's degree or doctorate?

A Doctorate in Philosophy, or Ph.D., is considered a terminal degree in most fields. That means it is the highest level in academics in a particular field. A master's degree is a series of intense ... Read More »

Which is a higher degree: CDA or ECE?

An ECE is a two-year associate's degree in early childhood education. This higher degree provides advanced training to students who wish to become employed by preschools or daycare centers. A CDA (... Read More »

Is a PhD a doctorate degree?

A doctorate is the highest degree awarded by a university. A Ph.D., or Doctor of Philosophy, is one type of doctoral degree. Other types include Doctor of Health Administration (DHA), Doctor of Bus... Read More »

Is a PH.D a doctorate degree?

A Ph.D., or Doctor of Philosophy, is a doctorate. A Ph.D. is the highest academic degree in a given field and usually requires additional years of study combined with research. Students can earn a ... Read More »