Which is the good ceiling fan(USHA,CROMPTON,HAVELLS)?

Answer crompton id the best

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Which is better high ceiling or low ceiling?

For drama, and scale and in hot climates a high ceiling is best. It leaves room for crown mouldings and wall treatments that have scale. It also gives the warm air a place to go, leaving the lower... Read More »

Which way is counterclockwise for a ceiling fan?

Counterclockwise is the same direction for a ceiling fan as it is for any other item. When facing a clock (or looking up at a ceiling fan), counterclockwise goes to the left, as opposed to clockwis... Read More »

Which way is clockwise on a ceiling fan?

The term clockwise has the same meaning in regards to both a ceiling fan or any other object. Clockwise is the same direction as a clock turns, which is towards the right when facing the clock--or ... Read More »

Which way should a ceiling fan be turning?

The small switch on the side of a ceiling fan can significantly lower your utility bills. It changes the direction in which the fan turns and, if used properly, increases the fan's effectiveness.Su... Read More »