Which is the freshest of the ocean fishes?

Answer I'd say that you should politely decline the platter of ocean fishes. Instead, request that he present live ocean fishes in a tank of salt water at the appropriate salt level. Since they are aliv... Read More »

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Is whole bean coffee the freshest?

On One Hand: Whole Beans are FreshestAccording to the website, Whole Coffee Beans, whole coffee beans do have a longer shelf-life than ground beans. Ground coffee beans expose more of the bean's su... Read More »

How to Smell Your Freshest After Showering?

Have you ever showered with a commercial brand soap or gel and you came out not smelling like the soap, or it just wasn't as fresh as you hoped it would be? Time to combat this little disappointment.

How do you pick the freshest apples?

For me, when I want to pick fresh apples, I pick ones that are just the slightest green. Then wait the right amount of time for them to ripen, and you have fresh apples!

Where can I find the freshest ingredients in Singapore?

A lot of wet markets in Singapore sell fresh ingredients. However, it would be wise to go direct to the wholesalers who bring in the vegetables direct from Malaysia in the early hours of the mornin... Read More »