Which is the fire button on an n64 controller?

Answer The Nintendo 64 controller's "fire button" is typically the trigger-like button located on the underside of the center grip. It is also referred to as the "Z" button. It allows you to use the con... Read More »

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When I hit the home button on your Datel turbo fire 2 wireless controller it blinks once then goes off and wont work help please?

It depends Which model of the xbox you have, mods work like 70% of the time on the new xbox controller, a good solution - dont resort to mods

What is the L button on the Xbox controller?

The L button (trigger button) on an Xbox controller is on the top left side of the controller. It has different functions depending on the game. For example, it may function as the brake in a racin... Read More »

What is the button layout on the xbox controller?

When the Xbox first shipped in 2001, it came packaged with the Standard Xbox Controller, a rather large controller that was later replaced by the Controller S. The original controller featured an o... Read More »

How to Change the Button Colors for Guitar Hero Controller?

Have you wondered how some Guitar Hero players have different colored or placed fret buttons on their controllers? Well if you have and are interested in doing the same to yours, it can be done eas... Read More »