Which religion(s) are against vaccines?

Answer Note that Lighty is wrong.Almost all Muslim spiritual leaders recognize the benefits of vaccine and are willing to overlook anything that might not meed their dietary restrictions.Likewise, the Cat... Read More »

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In which religion did the Golden Rule originate?

While many religions throughout the world have some version of "The Golden Rule" as it is known in Christianity, it appears that the earliest version was recorded in the Tale of the Eloquent Peasan... Read More »

Which religion took root in West Africa in the 11th century?

Islam took root in West Africa around the 11th century, brought by Arab and North African traders and scholars who settled in the region during that period. At first, Muslims lived in communities t... Read More »

Which is correct: an MBA or a MBA?

In English, an "a" is placed before words beginning with consonants and "an" precedes words that begin with a vowel. In some cases, such as with MBA, the article is based on how the word is pronoun... Read More »

Which is correct: Bachelor of Art or Bachelor's of Arts?

The correct term is Bachelor of Arts. The term originated from the Latin phrase "Artium Baccalaureus." This phrase referred to a young man training for knighthood. Now the term is used to descri... Read More »