Which is the best&healthiest antioxidant chocolate to eat?

Answer On One Hand: Raw Cocoa PowderAccording to the United States Department of Agriculture, "Cocoa powder contains more beneficial antioxidants than other chocolate products, but processing decreases th... Read More »

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Chocolate Croissant Chocolate Donut Or Chocolate Muffin Which from this list do u like better?

It's got to be chocolate muffins. I just love them. But then I love any chocolate.

Dark chocolate or White chocolate which is taste better?

Chocolate Pudding Chocolate Covered Strawberries Vanilla Ice Cream Which from this list so u like better?

I make Chocolate covered strawberries often,love them so much.

Which is better DARK chocolate or WHITE chocolate?

Dark choclate is best tasting and pure and healthy. All dark choclate brands taste the same for the fact that you can't add anything cause it wouldn't be dark choclate anymore.