Which is the best voice (audio) recorder ?

Answer i recommend the professional Olympus Digital Recorders, you can buy a lot from ebay, like: VN5500PC

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Digital voice recorder Which ones are the best?

I've also been looking for one and have found one (I believe by Sony) that is around $60. I spoke with a salesperson and he did explain that to have it transcribed to your computer that I would ne... Read More »

Which dvd recorder format is best?

On One Hand: DVD-R(W) is BetterThe -R(W) format is older than the opposing +R(W) format and many electronics manufacturers adopted the -R(W) format early on. Older DVD drives and DVD players are on... Read More »

Which dj speaker is better-RCF,JBL,P.AUDIO.And which company of amp suits it best?

Don't know about P-Audio but RCF and JBL are both highly rated, any good amp will do, Peavey Yamaha, Crown, Mackie etc etc. Just listen to the speakers and see which sounds best to you, everyone h... Read More »

When recording programs from the tv, which device is the best(DVR or video or DVD recorder)?

If you're not planning to archive and preserve the stuff for a very long time, then DVR is the best technology you can use.It has a huge hard drive, that can record about 100 hours, works 24 X 7, d... Read More »