Which is the best voice (audio) recorder ?

Answer i recommend the professional Olympus Digital Recorders, you can buy a lot from ebay, like: VN5500PC

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Is there a cigar like voice recorder?

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Digital Voice Recorder?

I have two digital voice recorders and they retain the audio even if the batteries were dead. I misplaced one voice recorder for three years and the batteries were completely dead. I put in new bat... Read More »

Voice recorder on macbook? depends on what version of macbook you have.if you have a newer mac, there should be a program called can use this to record music, or in this case, comes installed a... Read More »

Digital voice recorder Which ones are the best?

I've also been looking for one and have found one (I believe by Sony) that is around $60. I spoke with a salesperson and he did explain that to have it transcribed to your computer that I would ne... Read More »