Which is the best tv for gaming, lcd or plasma?

Answer On One Hand: LCD TVs Offer Brighter PictureTelevision experts across the board agree that LCD TVs, on average, offer a brighter-looking picture than plasma TVs, and therefore may be more suitable f... Read More »

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Best for gaming, plasma or lcd?

Personally I would pick LCD.Plasma can suffer from burn-in if it is not calibrated properly. It uses 2x as much power as LCD. It's heavier. It's more expensive. The screens are extremely reflective... Read More »

Guys i wanna know which is best in gaming phone android or ios which one should i go with?

Iphone 5 has the best chip. Everything will run on the 4.Anderoid phones? They are pretty good, and the specs can be better than iphones, but iphones just work like they should

Plasma TV or LCD TV Which one is best and which one's life is very long ?

Which 3D TV is best for gaming?

There is no simple answer to the question. The best model is a personal preference so make sure you experience as many models as you can. When you have tried several models and several glasses you ... Read More »