Which is the best tv for gaming, lcd or plasma?

Answer On One Hand: LCD TVs Offer Brighter PictureTelevision experts across the board agree that LCD TVs, on average, offer a brighter-looking picture than plasma TVs, and therefore may be more suitable f... Read More »

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Best for gaming, plasma or lcd?

Personally I would pick LCD.Plasma can suffer from burn-in if it is not calibrated properly. It uses 2x as much power as LCD. It's heavier. It's more expensive. The screens are extremely reflective... Read More »

Should I buy a plasma tv if i'm going to use it mostly for gaming?

you shouldnt have a problem with plasma when gaming it should be fine ive played on them had no trouble the only problem with plasma ive encountered is at certain angles the color can be dostorted ... Read More »

I'm planning to buy a 42" HD tv for gaming (xbox 360) and tv, but what's better LCD or Plasma?

Lol, J.L. said that plasmas burn in after 30-45 mins. that is totally WRONG.Also, herectic_hunter said to get an LCD with a color ratio of 1,000,000:1. There is no such thing as an LCD with color r... Read More »

What do you think of BIOSTAR A780L3B for gaming I need a computer just to get me over for gaming. Details bel?