Which is the best remedy 4 a 'swelling' due 2 insect bite?

Answer Keep an eye on it. It could be an insect bite that got infected (called Cellulitis). This is potentially serious. If it doesn't clear up in day or so or if it gets worse... go to your doctor. Y... Read More »

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How do you stop swelling from an insect bite right below my eye?

What's the best remedy for insect bites.?

Please believe me, VINEGAR IS AMAZING, please read what it can do and I bet every time you come across the little sachets of vinegar you'll keep some, put them in a bag, Just in case of a bite or s... Read More »

I have got an insect bite on the back of my leg which wont heal any advice?

Go the the pharmacy my darling and ask for Fenistil Gel, its antihistimine, and you may have an allergic reaction to the bite, indicated by the fact it is slow or reluctant to heal.It may still tak... Read More »

Painful red insect bite?