Which is the best nose hair trimmer in the world?

Answer On One Hand: Groom Mate TrimIT Earned Best ReviewSeveral nose hair trimmers are available at a variety of prices. While some have more bells and whistles than others, the Groom Mate TrimIT nose and... Read More »

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How to Buy the Best Electric Nose and Ear Trimmer or Shaver?

We all have it. Nose hair. Depending on hormone levels, age, genetics, and gender some people have more nose hair than others which requires cutting, shaving, and trimming. Buying the best elect... Read More »

Which string trimmer is the best?

On One Hand: Consumer Reports Recommends a StihlConsumer Reports keeps an up-to-date list of string trimmer reviews on its subscriber-only website and puts the $150 Stihl HomeScaper Series FS 45, a... Read More »

The Best Way to Remove Ear or Nose Hair?

Men sometimes find themselves dealing with an abundance of hair in their nostrils or ears. This is due mostly to the hormonal imbalance present in their bodies; the dominant testosterone versus the... Read More »

The Best Ear & Nose Hair Trimmers?

The aging process can spur unwanted hair growth in men and women. Ears and nose are two common places for aging people to acquire hair growth. A good ear and nose hair trimmer can solve this proble... Read More »