Which is the best music player for your pc?

Answer RealPlayer. Not only you can play music, you can play video or even listen to radio.Recently, there's a new media player - Windows Media Player 11 Beta. The interface is cool. You might want to che... Read More »

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What is the best way to legally get music onto your MP3 player?

The good ol' fashioned way: buying the CDs and transferring them over with your favourite music manager. Someone else mentioned iTunes, but this is only any good for iPods as music from the iTunes ... Read More »

Which is the best MP3 player in your experience and why?

I-pod cause i never have had a problem with it ... i can order my songs into files and it is working under bad circumstances too !

Which is best :playstation or 3d blu ray player or simple media player?

As per ur requirement PS3 is the best. It has a 500 GB HDD too, which will make somethings easier for u. Also it is said that it is the best Blu-ray player. Its price may be a problem for some. I'm... Read More »

Which connection do you use to connect your hdmi blueray DVD player to your big screen which is an older model tv?

Televisions that are a few years old are almost certain to be standard definition and will have analog inputs. If that is the case, HDMI cannot be used as it is a digital signal. The television w... Read More »