Which is the best men's fairness cream ?

Answer I think Fair&handsome is the best. Apart from this, You can try face packs. They will give you best results.

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How to Make Fairness Cream?

A natural fairness cream, or skin lightener, can be made at home from readily accessible ingredients. This homemade alternative can be safer to use on dark skin patches or skin that spent too much ... Read More »

What will happen if women use men's fairness cream?

girls may suffer from rashes and other skin issues,,if girsl use men fairness creams they must and shud consult dermatologist as soon as possible..

How can you make fairness bleach cream?

I have not the slightest clue how to make it but if its for bleaching your skin I wouldn't screw around with products and try to make your own at home bleaching kit.... You could have a bad reaction

Girls,have you ever tried men's fairness cream in the makeup?

Noooo, never tried and that matter i never use makeup,except lip-gloss and i use only hand made soaps.Don't use any fairness cream of any type.There is no such cream which can make u fair.They are ... Read More »