Which is the best internet security package - Norton or McAfee?

Answer According to the reviews I've read before choosing my own internet security package, the 2 you've named were pretty badly reviewed. Norton seemed to be more problematic than anything else. Mc Affee... Read More »

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What is the best best Internet Security Norton or Mcafee....Please let me know.....?

i think they are both about the same so i don't know. which every is cheaper. I like how Norton updates the stuff quickly. Norton came with my pc and mcafee came with my dads.never tried any other... Read More »

Mcafee ,norton or Kaspersky ,which do you think is the best as a all rounder security suite?

McCaffee = BadNorton = WorseKaspersky = Excellent

I have Norton Internet Security and I was wondering if I should switch to McAfee, is it better?

what ever u do not ever get mcafee.....why?..because u will play hell gettin it out of ur comp if u ever decide to get rid of it.........mcafee inbeds itself in many system32 files ....i use ... Read More »

Which is the best computer anti-virus norton, mcafee or kaspersky?

All are good programs. However, there is no one BEST program for everyone and no single program can protect against all infections! Each person's individual computer usage is completely different.... Read More »