Which is the best home smoke detector?

Answer On One Hand: Multi-Purpose DetectionFire professionals agree that the best home smoke detector not only distinguishes smoke, but also carbon monoxide. Smoke detectors are battery operated or wired ... Read More »

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Which is the best smoke detector?

On One Hand: High rankingThe First Alert Dual Sensor Remote Control Smoke Alarm has been ranked as a top of the line smoke detector in reviews. This particular model runs on a 9-volt battery and ha... Read More »

Where should a smoke detector be placed in a home?

There should be a smoke detector outside of each sleeping area, and additional detectors on each level of the house, including basements. If there is more than 40 feet between the sleeping area and... Read More »

How to Install a Smoke Detector or Carbon Monoxide Detector?

It's an overused saying - better safe than sorry. Most fire deaths occur in homes lacking smoke detectors.[1] To protect your loved ones, it is imperative that you install smoke and carbon monoxide... Read More »

Do anyone know why my smoke detector goes off and yet there is no smoke nor fire in the house?

It does it just to tick you off! It probably likes to do it the most around 3AM. Am I right? All joking aside...The most common cause of nuisance alarms on home smoke detectors is dust. I would... Read More »