Which is the best graphic card?

Answer I usually prefer AMD, but the nVidia GTX 690 is the best card out there.

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Amd bulldozer which graphic card is best ... i want best hight high resolution .. any suggestion >> ?

your question is not clear.there is no amd bulldozer graphics card only processor.if you are saying you have bulldozer processor and want a graphics card then first mention your you want ... Read More »

WHICH IS THE BEST GRAPHIC CARD FOR DESKTOP (not bang for the buck ones, pure performer)?

the best card on the market right now is the Radeon HD 7970 it beats everything by a longshot

Which graphic card to buy ?

Neither of those two are good cards for their price. Better get HD 7850 for Rs.15,500. You can get MSI HD 7850 Power Edition for Rs.16,200. Its the best card you can get for your budget.

Which graphic Card is better?

Cons and Pros too each.EVGAPros: Amazing customer service Good WarrantyReliable Graphic cardsCons:Blower fan - doesn't cool that greatOverrated - They're known for being the best so they charge mor... Read More »