Which is the best computer processor?

Answer well it depends on what you want the processor to do, since AMD is great for gaming, but not so good a video editting, etc, and intel is good at video editting etc and not so good at gamingi would ... Read More »

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How do I find on my computer where it tells whether my computer has a 64 or 32 bit processor?

You need the 64bit version of windows. xp & vista both come in 64bit editions. actually, the software support for 64 isn't quite there yet for most applications. You can also run into a ton of prob... Read More »

What computer has a 4.13 GHz processor?

Various overclocked PCs run at 4.13 gigahertz. "Techspot" says Intel's Core i5 750 Processor runs at 4.13GHz, and Systemax includes the chip in its SYX-1042 gaming PC. Intel's DFI LANParty JR X58-T... Read More »

What does ghz mean in a computer processor?

A gigahertz, abbreviated as GHz, is a unit measurement of how many operations a computer processor can perform every second. The current standard definition is that one GHz equals the capability of... Read More »

How do I add a second computer processor?

Installing a Second ProcessorShut down the computer completely by unplugging it from the wall, disconnecting the cord from the computer itself and turning the power toggle switch to the "Off" posit... Read More »