Which is the best car for highway driving?

Answer On One Hand: Highway SafetyWhen driving at high speeds on the highway, the best car may very well be the safest. The Mercedes Benz E Class sedan currently has four out of five stars in National Hig... Read More »

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Your son rear ended a 74 year old both cars totaled Son given verbal warning for driving close 74 year old was issued a citation for driving too slow on a limited access highway who's at fault in CT?

Answer Depending on the state, both may be at fault. Son at fault for following too closely, and other driver at fault for not maintaining speed limit. In the State of Georgia, the speed limit incl... Read More »

Why am I Dizzy and Unbalanced driving on highway and freeway?

Its possible that your vehicle may have a carbon monoxide leak. Leaking into the interior of the car. Are you dizzy and unbalanced when you are not in or driving the vehicle? I'd have it checked o... Read More »

Travel insurance for driving the alcan highway?

There's not much if any leeway in insurance policies to pay for something that's not described as covered.Were you led to believe the policy would pay if you cancelled because you changed your mind... Read More »

Your opinion on minimum motorcycle power (cc's) for highway/interstate driving?

I've never ridden a Rebel but I've had 250 and 350cc bikes. They will go 70 or 80 on a good day, with the wind behind you, but you can tell they're not designed to cruise at that speed. The suspen... Read More »