Which is the best camera for filmmaking?

Answer I dont have the answer, but check out You probably want a newer model but the one i crave is the panasonic dvx100b. It seems to be one of the most versatile and sought after c... Read More »

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Best video camera for filmmaking (Starter Camera)?

Any camcorder can capture useful video if the camcorder is used within its design parameters. The problem is that the camcorder manufacturers make it seem like their equipment works great under all... Read More »

What is the best video camera under $1300 for Filmmaking that can achieve the closest look to high budget film?

Hi Matt: The Canon EOS series is popular with film-style video shooting, and the T2i is within your budget range (allowing you to spend something on a 2nd or 3rd lens). Just keep in mind that it is... Read More »

Which model is the best digital camera for travelerswhich is the best camera Sony or canon?

Canon is always best for photography teacher says. Although, I own a Sony. One of those thin ones (I forget what model)...and that sure is great for traveling! You can put it in ... Read More »

What video camera is good for filmmaking?

The Canon T3i is great. I know many YouTube vloggers who use this camera.DAILYGRACE is one of them, look up her videos. Good quality film.