Which is the best camera Canon 450d or sony a300?

Answer No, I have tried it and it didnt work.

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Is there any firmware for my Sony a300 DSLR camera?

Unfortunately there isn't a firmware update for that camera. I doubt there ever will be for this camera. If you want to get the best out of the camera see if you can get a good lens like the Carl Z... Read More »

Which Nikon camera is like the Canon 450D?

First off... one camera body is seldom/never worth it alone to do a complete switch. Why? Because chances are, if say Nikon comes out with something really innovative, Canon will follow suite pre... Read More »

What does the D stand for in EOS 450D canon camera?

Canon has silly numbering systems when it comes to labeling their cameras (I am a canon shooter). You can tell if a camera is digital, however, by the D at the end or beginning of the number depen... Read More »

Will a infrared filter work on a canon 450d camera?

Are you talking about the Samsung camera, which has a screen in the front as well?If you take a lot of photos where you are in the photo yourself, then it is unbeatable because it lets you see what... Read More »