Which is the best camera Canon 450d or sony a300?

Answer No, I have tried it and it didnt work.

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Which model is the best digital camera for travelerswhich is the best camera Sony or canon?

Canon is always best for photography teacher says. Although, I own a Sony. One of those thin ones (I forget what model)...and that sure is great for traveling! You can put it in ... Read More »

Which Nikon camera is like the Canon 450D?

First off... one camera body is seldom/never worth it alone to do a complete switch. Why? Because chances are, if say Nikon comes out with something really innovative, Canon will follow suite pre... Read More »

Which brand of digital camera is best Sony, Kodak or Canon?

I have a Canon and a Kodak. They are both easy to use and I get great pictures from both. Kodak has always given me the best in color

I am plannning to buy a digital camera but am confused between Sony and Canon. Please suggest which is best.?

cameras should be bought ... based on its resolution... that is specified in pixels... say 2 pixels... 3 pixels... 5 pixels... 5 pixel cameras are best...and its optical zoom... say 12x... 20x the ... Read More »