Which is the best aquarium heater?

Answer On One Hand: Hanging HeaterThe best aquarium heater is the hanging heater. It is the most common form of aquarium heater, and is often the least expensive, according to First Tank Guide. Aquarium h... Read More »

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What Size Heater Is Best for a 130 Gallon Aquarium?

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Which is the best portable heater?

On One Hand: The Honeywell HZ-385BPIn a test of safety and performance of 31 portable heaters, Good Housekeeping ranked Honeywell's HZ-385 BP above all other portable heaters. It is easy to use and... Read More »

Which is the best space heater?

On One Hand: Vornado Gets the Highest RatingConsumer Reports keeps an up-to-date list of its space heater ratings on its members-only website and, as of March 2010, the $150 Vornado Vortex Heat Tou... Read More »

Which space heater is best?

On One Hand: Lasko 754200 Ceramic HeaterThe Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater is a basic but effective heater. It is priced low at $30 and can heat up an enclosed room without much trouble. This heater i... Read More »