Which is the best antivirus pl help me frds?

Answer Microsoft Security Essentials quite a good free antivirus.But if you want complete protection, consider using the following software (not free)BitDefender Antivirus: http://bit-defender.applinks.or... Read More »

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How could one updated and well reviewed free antivirus miss 5 viruses that another antivirus tool picked up?

maybe because you have two anti-virus running at the same time you will get false readings from one or the other use only one .

Can you run McAfee Antivirus& Spyware Doctor Antivirus at the same time?

Yes, you can. However, using two antivirus programs at the same time is not recommended, as they are likely to interfere with one another. This interference can result in error messages or one or b... Read More »

What is IE AntiVirus?

IE AntiVirus is a Trojan Horse computer Virus that effects Windows. It auto-installs on your computer, riding on the back of fake software you may have inadvertently downloaded. It will appear as a... Read More »

How to Fix XP Antivirus?

The "XP Antivirus" program, which also goes by the name of "Antivirus 2010," is a type of rogue software that attempts to take advantage of the fear of computer viruses. XP Antivirus creates bogus ... Read More »