Which is the best actor Denzel Washington or Samuel L. Jackson?

Answer Both are really skilled actors, but Denzel gets the nod to me.

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What Denzel Washington movie is this?

John Q. When the hospital refuses to give his son a needed heart transplant because his HMO doesn't cover it, John takes the ER hostage. Awesome film, one of his best and it's set in my hometown...... Read More »

Short summary of Glory with Denzel Washington?

The movie is a true story about one of the first black army regiments, produced during the Civil War, commanded by two Caucasian majors. The movie is about the black soldier’s pursuit for dignity... Read More »

What is your favorite movie staring Denzel Washington?

Why do the crackers in Hollywood keep putting Denzel Washington in crappy movies about crashing vehicles?

I agree with you on the first two definitely. Pelham was not the best remake ever, and unstoppable, was even harder for me to watch just because Denzel didn't seem to be a part of the movie at all ... Read More »