Which is stronger: sulfuric acid or muriatic acid?

Answer If the "strength" of an acid is defined as having a lower pH value in equal concentrations, then muriatic acid (hydrochloric acid) is stronger than sulfuric acid. The pH of sulfuric acid is 0.3 wh... Read More »

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Can the isomerization of sulfuric acid yield fumaric acid?

Substances which have the same chemical formula but a different arrangement of atoms are called isomers. Fumaric acid is not an isomer of sulfuric acid, since the two substances have different chem... Read More »

If muriatic acid is safe to pH the water in swimming pools can water that is just pH'ed with the acid be used on house plants?

If the water you are intending to use has been brought to Ph of 7.2 as is normally done in swimming pools then there is no problem at all using it to water plants. No. Do not use this acid mixed wi... Read More »

How much sulfuric acid is in a car battery?

There is about 35 percent sulfuric acid in a car battery. A car battery is a lead acid battery composed of plates of lead and lead dioxide, sitting in an electrolyte bath of 35 percent sulfuric aci... Read More »

How to Etch Steel With Sulfuric Acid?

Etching is a common technique used by artists to prepare a printing plate and obtain prints. Various metals may be used to prepare printing plates, including copper, zinc, aluminum or steel. Steel ... Read More »